Kathy Morgan with 6-week old binturong


Kathleen N. Morgan

Dept. of Psychology

Advisor: Program in Psychobiology

Williams Chair in Social Sciences, 2005-2010

Also Serving as Director of Research, Southwick's Zoo, Mendon, MA



EMAIL: kmorgan@wheatonma.edu

PHONE: 508/286-3934

Office Hours for Spring 2009:
     M & F, 11:30am-12:20pm
     or by appointment


* B.A., Psychology, 1983 Canisius College
* M.A., Psychology, 1985 University of California--Davis
* Ph.D., Comparative Psychology, 1992 University of California--Davis

Research Interests:  

* Applied animal behavior and animal welfare
* Behavior of animals in zoos and aquaria
* Ecology of yellow-spotted salamanders
* Long-term behavioral and physiological consequences of exposure to prenatal stress

*Pre-k through 16 connections and science education reform

Our most recent research project is an investigation of the impact of exhibit changes on leopard behavior, visitor attitude, and visitor behavior at Southwick's Wild Animal Park in Mendon, MA.
A second project underway is a series of investigations of number sense in rats. We'll be starting with some tests of rats' abilities to discriminate "more" from "less."
Every spring, we track migration of the yellow-spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) to Wheaton's state-certified vernal pool. Contact me to help us with this effort!

Courses that I Teach:

   Spring 2009 :

       *PSY/BIO 226: Comparative Animal Behavior

      *INT 111: Ponds to Particles II (Energy)

     Previous Semesters:

         *PSY 202: Quantitative Research Methods

        *PSY 400: Senior Seminar in Psychology

        *PSY 101: Introductory Psychology

        *PSY 211: Learning and Memory

         *PSY 323: Behavioral Neuroscience 

        *PSY 348: Laboratory in Animal Communication & Cognition

         *PSY 227: Drugs and Behavior

         *PSY 225: Brain, Mind, and Behavior

         *PSY 032: Advanced Topics in Psychobiology (Fall '03 Topic: Primate Behavior) 


Some of the things I do when I am not teaching at Wheaton include riding my Appaloosa mare Cocoa (shown left), working on my garden (when New England weather permits it!), reading, cooking, and quilting.

My first love is Animal Behavior. If you love animal behavior too, here are some pages that might interest you!
Careers in Animal Behavior. All about what the study of animal behavior involves, and what one can do in that field. Teacher's Page for Animal Behavior. A database of electronic syllabi and the best on-line collection of animal behavior labs and class exercises.
More Psongs My Psychologist Taught Me: a collection of parodies and other songs for teaching animal behavior and neuroscience.  

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